Jessica Cook (b. 1982 Kingston, NY) is a multi-disciplinary artist in NYC, originally from Durham, NC. Her work has been presented in LmaK Gallery, Movement Research at Judson Memorial Church, Roulette Intermedium, AUNTS at New Museum, Whartscape, Spring Break Art Fair, Westway, Pieter Performance Space. She has an ongoing collaboration with Laurel Atwell, TundraWorms, and have been artists in Residence at MoMA PS1, Central Park Gallery (LA), and PAM Residencies (LA). She is currently an artist-in-residence at MANA Contemperary with AUNTS. She has danced in music videos, commercials, the works of Milka Djordjevich/Chris Peck, Kim Brandt, Phoebe Berglund, Hilary Easton, Julie Mayo, and many others.


As a multi-disciplinary artist I create environments using texture, pattern, and accumulation. Installations and choreography allow the edges of my limbs to melt within crevices of imagined spaces that examine objects, color, rigidity, and impulse. Much of my work involves facets of sound created by movement, and the movement of objects and materials. I see the performer as a multilateral being, facilitating a subversion of normative ideals through self produced sound layers, visual change and pattern. Iā€™m attempting to strip away rhetoric and technique to configure a new lens and cleaned ear to re-envision the body within its space.